2018- Pipe Insulation
Main St- Tonawanda, NY

2018- Lead Paint Removal
Sears St- Buffalo, NY

2019- Asbestos Duct Wrap
Buffalo, NY

2019- Attic Asbestos Vermiculite
Amherst, NY

2019- Asbestos Cleanup & Removal- Floor tile, mastic, pipe insulation
Jamestown, NY


2019-Lead Paint Stabilization
Schiller park- Buffalo, NY


2019- Asbestos Door caulk
SUNY Fredonia

2019- Asbestos Tar & Roofing Material
North Park Theatre- Buffalo, NY

2019- Selective Demo
SUNY Fredonia

2019- Flaking Lead Based Paint
Buffalo, NY


  • Erie Community College North- Williamsville, NY 14221
    • Exterior removal of asbestos tar
  • Wende Correctional Facility-3052 Wende Rd, Alden, NY 14004
    • Removal of PCB Caulk from masonry joints
    • Removal of lead based paint from facility doors throughout
    • Removal of lead painted plaster walls
  • Housing Visions Construction Co/PUSH Buffalo
    • Massachusetts Ave, Buffalo,NY
      • Removal of asbestos and lead material throughout several city of buffalo houses
  • Dunkirk Housing Authority- 15 North Main St, Dunkirk, NY 14048
    • Exterior asbestos cleanup of masonry block
    • Rochester Police & Fire Academy- 1190 Scottsville Rd. Rochester, NY 14624
      • Lead decontamination of pistol range
  • Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority
    • Sedita Homes- 335 Summer St, Buffalo, NY 14222
      • Removal of asbestos plaster & interior removals


“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.
It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results”
-Andrew Carnegie