WNY Asbestos Abatement

Exposure to asbestos can be extremely dangerous, especially if it becomes airborne. From there, it can easily be inhaled and cause serious damage to the tissues in your lungs and other parts of the respiratory system. Exposure can also lead to major health problems, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer. If you discover the presence of asbestos in your home or commercial space, it’s imperative that you contact experienced asbestos abatement contractors, such as those at S.E.G. Construction Inc., immediately for asbestos removal services in the greater Western New York area.

S.E.G. Construction Inc. has served as the leading asbestos abatement contractors in WNY over the last 10-plus years. With our NYS asbestos handling license and years of experience behind us, you can trust us to provide you with safe, effective and superior asbestos abatement services. If you even suspect that you might have an asbestos problem, give us a call for true confirmation and peace of mind.

Our contractors are highly skilled and understand that as soon as asbestos is disturbed, it can become airborne and pose a threat to those surrounding it. That’s why we take all necessary precautions when providing asbestos removal services at a home or business, ensuring that you and those who live or work on the property are not exposed.

Give S.E.G. Construction Inc. a call at 716-602-9105 today to schedule asbestos removal at your residential or commercial property in Buffalo, NY and the greater Western New York area.