Lead Removal & Remediation in Buffalo, NY

  • Some renovations and remodels can increase lead exposure
  • Homes built BEFORE 1978 may contain lead-based paint, usually under newer paint
  • Lead paint dust or chips can cause serious health problems
  • Children and pregnant woman are at higher risk

There are a whole host of issues that you might be forced to face if you’re exposed to lead for a long period of time. Lead poisoning in children can lead to development delays, learning problems, seizures, and more. Lead poisoning in adults, meanwhile, can cause memory issues, high blood pressure, mood disorders, and other ailments. Yet, there are still many older homes and businesses that contain lead paint and lead dust. S.E.G. Construction Inc. can help you avoid having to deal with the consequences of lead exposure by providing you with professional lead removal services in Buffalo, NY and the greater Western New York area.

At S.E.G. Construction Inc., our lead remediation services are designed to offer the most cost effective and safe solution for you. We have served Buffalo and the WNY area for more than a decade now and are dedicated to delivering serious results while staying compliant with all safety and environmental regulations.

Want to learn more about the lead removal process? Just let us know. S.E.G. Construction Inc. is a certified NYS women-owned business enterprise that employs lead removal contractors who have received adequate OSHA safety training. We strive to deliver the best lead removal services in Buffalo, NY and the greater Western New York area while also offering the most affordable prices.

To schedule lead removal for your home or business, or to ask any questions you might have about the lead remediation services we offer, reach out to S.E.G. Construction Inc. at 716-602-9105 today.